Welcome to me blog. Me being Joe Hitchcock, and my blog relating to everything to do with THE NORTH POLE DECEPTION. Since the website wasn't designing itself I figure a blog is adequate until the production is complete.

Here you will [eventually] discover production updates, photos, concept art, images from the film and anything else I can find to upload.


"THE NORTH POLE DECEPTION is a new type of short film, inspired by real dialogue and using actual statistics from sweatshop workers around the world. Voices are being recorded and animated in the context of Santa’s elves being overworked and underpaid in the North Pole.

Santa needs to take responsibility and ensure his workshops pay a fair rate. Our choice for ethical consumption and support of fair trade can make a difference."

The film is being funded by an AMP scholarship, combined with generous donations from sponsors such as BOINX istopmotion.


The film is currently being re-written and re-written by Brad Davison, the few voices have almost been cast [details TBA], and sets and characters are in early design stage. I did the first storyboard (out of many) last night, but plan to get these done as soon as possible.

My schedule (which hasn't yet changed since I begun), tells me I have to start animating in May, finishing in August.

Fun times ahead! :)

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