Unable to pull myself away from the epic horror DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE, I have had a slow weekend on NPD. Although I am developing my sculpting skills making marquettes (models) for Hogspot and Trixie.

Trixie is a 13 year old Elf. She has worked in the factory for over a year now. She has black hair kept in two ponytails, and a short fringe, which she constantly tries to tuck behind her ears. She is shy, tired and constantly nervous. Her backstory will be told in the North Pole Deception.

HOGSPOT is an upper class factory owner who moved from America to the North Pole in the great Christmas Decoration boom of the early 1990’s. He is a greedy man but is also a “nice guy” according to his business partners. He thinks he is a nice boss, and blames the workers low wages on market demands, with low unit prices established by the Clause conglomeration. He often thinks the elves are trying to scam and steal from him, apart from the gun slinging security elves on the front doors. HOGSPOT has agreed to speak with us and let us film in his factory, because he thinks that the documentary is about his entrepreneurial genius.

Miette is almost 16, and works with Trixie in the workshop. She wears a big white scarf, and has brown dreaded hair, which hangs down over her shoulders. Miette is the older, more intelligent and confident of the girls.

In other news, I am betrothed [engaged] to the beautiful Marama K! (pictured below). We are currently considering the probability of an engagement party. :)

[We also saw Ian Mackaye's band The Evens last night which was a rockin good time!]


  1. hey Joe,
    cheers for letting me know about your blog and good on ya mate for taking on the sweatshop issue in a new kinda way :-)
    Wishing you all the energy you can get on this as I am sure there will be obstacles to overcome during production time...
    ho ho ho,

  2. Dude, totally awesome on the bethrothal and much happiness to you and Marama. Anytime you need a drunken hobo, I'm your man.

  3. Hi Jo
    Congratulations to you and Marama on your engagement!
    The storyline for your animation sounds both informative and entertaining which I think is a great combination.

  4. Hey bro

    Congrats to you and Marama! Best wishes! looking forward to watching the npd develop.



  5. Thank you for introducing us to your little elfin friends!

    and that includes the wee pixie in the snow ;)

    Question - are you seeing this project as something that will appeal to kids the way that most Christmas stories do, or is it more adult-themed?


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