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This layout shows the production departments located around STAGE 1, generously offered by Ms Tanya Barlow; the estate owner. Please note that the old bath in the top left corner of the stage layout above is a real bath, but the pile of used snow inside it is fake.

Nick Conner is now officially on board designing sets, and it is very exciting seeing descriptions turn into plans, and makes the prospect of building things in forced perspective so much simpler... although I somehow doubt it will be easy.

Strangelight has just joined, which is like myspace but NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch. As I add film images to this blog I'll also add some to Virb with a more convenient filing system. So if you're into nerdy things, sign up to Virb and join the North Pole Revolution. Or you can visit the Strangelight page at ~

I'm also back on IMDB Pro now, so if you need me to add agent contact information, look up specific movie info like movies in development, or just look up your STARmeter... let me know.


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  1. I think having the foozball table as your central hub will be great feng shui. Mmm yes.


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