The Animatic

Edited together all the voices with temp storyboards, and was able to watch the North Pole Deception for the first time on Friday night. I am quite happy with the way it works as a short film, but think that the sound design and real live animation should really bring everything out in the end.

Mr Boone Jr recorded 3 different voices, and I kind of like all of them, but have picked the one which sounds most like Boone in his other movies.

For various reasons I have decided to cut the end of the film off, meaning there is no resolution for the characters, but leaves it more open to interpretation. It also means I have two and sets to build, and obviously, less to animate.

I have also decided to simplify an interview scene, having characters interviewed on a couch with a wall, instead of a full on dressed house. This means less work for me, but the main reason I chose to go more Nick-Park-Style for two scenes, is that it seems more like how It would be done in a documentary. EG. If I was interviewing elves in the North Pole, they wouldn't be walking round talking all the time, so I'm shooting a couple of basic scenes on a couch.

The film is now going to be 7 minutes, which should be a "more accessible" running time. (instead of the predicted 12 mins)

This also brings down by anticipated frame count from 12960 photos to 9120, which is approx 27Gb of RAW photos, which I will then need to add the bluescreen backgrounds etc...

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